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Michele McCain - All I Can Do (BSC Mixes)

"All I Can Do" is the first single of Michele McCain's full length album Marivent Soul released by Grooveland, involving Gene Leone and Benjamin Kristof Rakun who also are behind this wonderful song.

Michele McCain impresses with a fabulous vocal performance, with the Brazilian Soul Crew giving the song an uplifting feel good vibe on their mixes featuring jazzy piano and phat synth chords over a percussion driven backing.

 Michele McCain - All I Can Do (BSC Vocal Mix) by grooveland

 One to be added to the top of you must have.

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Grooveland Sessions 2 mixed by Brazilian Soul Crew

Muffin Music presents Grooveland Sessions 2 Mixed by Brazilian Soul Crew

What Do The Brazilian Soul Crew and Africa Have in Common?

At first glance, there aren’t many similarities between Edground and Claudio. These Fabulous 2 record together. And no one has ever suggested that you could play
Grooveland Sessions 2 album backwards and hear a subliminal message like “House Music is Life”.

However, for a few brief minutes, the Lads from Brazil, São Paulo “come together” on
Grooveland Sessions 2 CD, compiling 14 amazingly soft, deep and Soulful house music. On their highly acclaimed 14-song independent disc, Grooveland Sessions 2 (just released by Muffin Music), the Deejays/Producers feature contemporary interpretations of a half-dozen of Future classic songs.

“Don’t think for a minute that these are cheesy, Music-like cover tunes,” says the Brazilian Soul Crew (BSC), who tastefully breathe new life into Grooveland Sessions 2 with peerless singles like "Rising Sun" by Stephen Rigmaiden, "Going Nowhere" by Matthew Bandy and four other hits penned by independent music collectors. BSC’s skillful handling of these nostalgic melodies earned the respect of industry Critics.

Also on board for what comes around is acclaimed producer/Disc Jockey Guy Robin (who has performed/Produced/Remixed for Many great Musicians), Multi-Talented Brazilian Soul Crew (best known for their samba grooves) adds harmonica playing talents, while a solid ensemble of Brazil’s finest players supplies the remaining ingredients.

Their treatment of these ‘House’ gems has apparently struck a chord with the Boomer crowd. The disc also features SoulBasics “Jazzelle” an appearance from Dj Spinna with a remix of “You & Me by Brazilian Soul Crew that features the amazing voice of JeSante based in the US. Grooveland Sessions 2 stands out from many house compilations on the market right now, it sure gives a new meaning to “Quality”.

The new disc will be much lighter on the ear, boasting an array of great talent, spotlighting more of their own inimitable compositions.

Brazilian Soul Crew just finished the house compilation, entitled Grooveland Sessions 2 which is anticipated to be released by the end of September 2012.

Its available in South Africa Nationwide in stores like: Musica, Look & Listen. 
Get your copy! 
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BSC feat Robert Carvalho - Right Here Right Now

On this project Brazilian Soul Crew  worked with RudeSoul, a dynamic duo from DO IT NOW Recordings, to bring forth an exceptionally original package combining Brazilian and South African melodies.

The original track features the voice of inspired vocalist Robert Carvalho. This track is filled with enigmatic sounds from Brazil with an interesting blend of melodic percussion drums.
BSC feat Robert Carvalho - Right Here Right Now (Original Mix) by braziliansoulcrew 

Creative soul-centered music is the forward-looking path that BSC travels that leads to the center stage of the world's heart.



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